“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food”

Paul prudhomme
Craving for late night snacks with less guilt food !!!

Late night snacks or mid night hunger sometimes surpass the limit of our patience and the perfect resolution of having a proper diet chart gets all in vain.Despite being disadvantageous this type of meal still it have the whole lot of satisfaction level.

There is a long list of food that becomes your saviour in this kind of situations but all we got are mostly junks sweets and sours . Whats there beneficial ? As the consuming time is not that great but the food might be atleast!

Here is the list of food that will make you a little less guilty after having them if you are so into balanced diet-

There are more foods that provide the same increase amount of health benefits and can be taken as late night snacks. So make sure you get one for your midnight hungers!!!